Venevaja Liuskasaareen




Wood Construction studio, Department of Architecture





The new boat house for Helsingfors Segelsällskap (HSS) in Eira, Helsinki was inspired by the traditional wooden structures of vernacular farm buildings and historical wooden churches.
The heart of the boat house is an unheated storage hall for racing boats, where a set of seven three-dimensional wooden trusses create a strong rhythmic ambiance. Together with wooden floor and walls, the interior brings out the various characters, warmth and aliveness of wood.

The building mirrors the nine meter bedrock and creates a pathway in the middle towards the open sea.The boat house spans over the two islands of Liuskasaari and allows water to run beneath the building. The primary structure is supported by a stone foundation on both sides.

The workshop, office, kitchen and toilets are located in a lower, heated part that is connected to the wooden trusses with steel plates. The inclined roof of the lower part creates a terrace that invites public to spend summer days and watch the sailing competitions. Large polycarbonate windows celebrate the structures of the boat house and display the hall towards Uunisaari.

One three-dimensional truss is assembled from three quarter-circle shaped frames. The frames are connected with 250 x 100 mm timber beams and steel plates.